What is Engaging Spaces?

Our aim is simple. Gather under-utilised, interesting or unusual spaces, advertise them on an easy to use, hassle free portal; then match them up with people who are looking for spaces to meet and let them search and book … with ease.

You can save both time and money – Searching for your next meeting room or event space doesn’t have to involve calling individual venues, waiting for call backs and comparing rates. You can search hand-picked spaces right here and reserve them with a click of a button.

You become part of a community – Engaging Spaces isn’t simply about booking spaces for meetings. It is about connecting businesses who can help each other thrive. Businesses and Organisations that have venues that are under-utilised need people to hire them more often and many businesses want to book spaces for meetings, workshops and events but struggle to find what they want at a reasonable cost. Engaging Spaces bring these two groups together…right here.

We hand-pick our spaces – the venues listed on Engaging Spaces have been chosen because they offer something different. It might be a spacious, natural light-filled studio or a creative laid-back cosy meeting room.  It might be a town hall or a village hall, or even the belfry of a church.  It may be owned by a charity so a booking could be providing well-needed funds for a worthy cause. Whatever the size or shape, each Space is Engaging in its own way.